Physical Education

The Physical Education teaching program provides a balance between enjoyable hard work and play, cooperation and competition, individual and group involvement, relaxation and adventure. Children should be provided with a non threatening environment in which every opportunity is provided so they may experience some degree of success in the above mentioned areas.

Through the Physical Education program in the Foundation - 2 team, students are encouraged to explore and develop their fine and gross motor skills in ball handling, climbing and dance.

Participation by the Senior School students in Interschool Sport reduces the emphasis on winning and losing and encourages:

  • Maximum participation by girls and boys in a variety of sports
  • Fun, enjoyment and a measure of success for all
  • Skill development

Development of good sporting behaviour, self control, discipline, cooperation, tolerance and respect for others. The sports played include: cricket, softball, soccer, netball, football.

During Physical Education in the later terms, students at Glenroy West Primary school are learning the skills and technique of Athletics.