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Term 1 2018


There has been a creative buzz in the art room! Each Student is currently working on an art piece that encapsulates their thoughts and interpretations of the provocations from the lines of inquiry around Who We Are. All art works will be on display during the celebration of learning. So make sure you check out your child’s creative art piece!

P.S Have you any interesting art room materials that you could donate to the art room? Some suggestions of possible materials:

  • Paper - white and coloured, wrapping paper
  • Paint - poster, water colour
  • Paint brushes
  • Fabric
  • Wool
  • Craft materials to stick and decorate
  • Beads, sequins, shapes

Instead of throwing things away bring them in and see if they might be useful.



Mrs Silveira


Foundation student’s central idea that they are inquiring into is:

Everyday people can learn about who they are and what they can do

The Foundation students have been introduced to their art room. They have been learning about the routine, how to be safe, respect the art room equipment, how to independently put on their own art smock, and to get used to sitting on those high stools!

Students are currently creating an artwork that expresses who they are and what they can do. Each student is making a paper doll model of themselves in which they have had to cut and glue on paper clothes, accessories and hair. In addition to this children have added features to their face, eye colour etc. and patterns on their clothes with careful drawing. To complete the art work students have framed their paper model with a drawing about what they can do.

Students have been focussing on skills that develop their understanding of what they can do with line, pattern and shapes using pencil, textas, glue and scissors.  

*Please make sure your child has an art smock


Grade 1/2 student’s central idea that they are inquiring into is:

Relationships can make us feel that we belong

  • What is a relationship?
  • How do we know we belong?
  • What is my responsibility in a relationship?
  • Students have been inquiring into friendship and thinking about what are the characteristics of a good friend; what is my responsibility to be a good friend?

The grade 1/2’s have been creating an art piece about their friends. They have been using pastel crayons to draw 4-6 friend’s faces, paying particular attention to detail of each friend’s facial features and expressions. They have been focusing on line and shape when drawing hair, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows noses etc. Then they have been making different colours by mixing water colour paints and doing a wash to create an interesting background.


Grade 3/4 student’s central idea that they are inquiring into is:

Children have rights and responsibilities

  • What are children’s rights?
  • How are children’s rights and responsibilities connected?
  • What are our rights and responsibilities in the classroom/the school?

Students have been creating a “Rights" art work focusing on colour, pattern and effective lettering for the phrases and words expressing children’s rights. They have been creating a persuasive visual piece that incorporates lettering, shape and paint.

Using sticky-tape they marked off shape boarders and then mixed effective water colour paints to create a background for each “Rights” word or phrase that is in each shaped boarder. Finally students have been focusing on effective fine line marker patterning to add creative detail to their composition.

Materials: Art paper, clear sticky tape, pencil watercolour paint wash, thin Black Marker


Grade 5/6 student’s central idea that they are inquiring into is:

Choices impact our health and well-being (personal, physical, mental, social, spiritual health)

  • What are some actions and behaviours that keep the body systems healthy?
  • How do healthy bodies promote healthy minds?
  • What are some coping mechanisms for dealing with anger?

The grade 5/ 6 students have been following up on their interest in Pop and Cubist style art works by looking at the artist Romero Britto. Romero Britto creates art works of people and personal topics that are colourful, playful, using bold line, pattern and popular symbols. Students have been inquiring into choices that they are responsible for thinking about and defining the following categories:

  • personal
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • spiritual health

 They are learning about how to use pattern, colour and design in composition to create a cubist style portrait.





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