Policies and Essential Agreements

Please note that throughout 2017 we will be revising and renaming many of our school level documents to meet the intent of the Primary Years Program. Documents required by the Department of Education and Training and by the Department of Education will still be called policies, while many of our school level documents will become our Essential Agreements in their respective areas.



Adverse Weather Conditions

Anaphylaxis Action Plan – Epipen

Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy

Asthma Care Plan for Schools

Attendance and Absenteeism

Canteen Policy

Care Arrangements Medical Form

Communication of Policies and Procedures

Complaints and Grievances Policy

Distribution of Medication Policy and Procedures

Eftpos Policy

Enrolment Policy

First Aid Policy and Procedures

Gift, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Home learning Essential Agreement

Internet Procedures

Nude Food Policy

Program for Students with Disabilities Policy

Sustainability Policy

Student Uniform Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

GWPS Inclusion Policy

Anaphylaxis Action Plan - Anapen

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment Policy (2017 update)

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Management Policy and Procedures

Building Respectful and Safe Schools

Care Arrangements for Ill Students

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy

Child Wellbeing and Safety Policy

Community Code of Conduct

Cybersmart Guide for Families

Dress code

Emergency Management Policy

Excursions Policy

Fundraising Policy

Hire of Facilities Policy

Internet Policy

Language Policy (updated 2017)

Parent Payment Policy

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy