Glenroy West Primary School is working towards a 5 star sustainable certification firstly as part of the Waste Wise program and now the Resource Smart Schools program. All members of our community are welcome to read or download a copy of our 2014 - 2015 Annual Report. Our first learning story, as part of the project, was about our Year 5/6 team of students at the 2014 Melbourne Water Conference.

Living sustainably is a core part of the school’s philosophy and practice.

The GWPS School Council supports the Buildings and Grounds Committee, student committees, Student Action Teams and Nude Food.

Sustainable practices are encouraged on all subcommittees of School Council and throughout the school community as part of a whole school approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

As we work through the sustainability modules we have begun to implement the following initiatives:


Indigenous plants
Maintain existing vegetation except weeds
All waste from classrooms, staffroom and OSHC will go into compost bins
Veggie Gardens
Herb Gardens


Tanks for toilet flushing
Tanks to be installed for veggie garden
Low flow restrictors on taps
Water wise reminders
Buckets under bubblers to collect excess water


Solar panels installed
Green power on electricity bill
Sensor lights to be installed
Fans and low energy use heaters in classrooms
Ride 2 School day- leave the car at home
Save energy campaigns


Reduce paper in the classrooms
Nude food encouraged in the school to eliminate packaging
Reduce waste campaigns
Recycled materials used in building projects where possible
Recycling, paper and cardboard.

CERES programs completed or to be completed are:

Core module
Waste module
Biodiversity module
Water module
Energy module



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